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Camtasia Studio 漢化 軟件點評

最強屏幕錄制軟件 - Camtasia Studio 綠色版+漢化補丁。為確保軟件正常解壓運行,請下載文件后使用最新 WinRAR 免費版 解壓后再運行或安裝。如本軟件有了新版本,煩請聯系我們,我們將及時更新。

Camtasia Studio 漢化 更新日志

  1. Added a partial fix for an issue where the top half of WMV files shows up black. This was caused by a recent Windows update, and we are working with Microsoft toward a full fix.
  2. Fixed an installer bug which caused some 811 updates to fail, and resulted in the 8.x release being completely uninstalled
  3. Fixed a hang on exit which left Camtasia Studio running and unable be restarted until the hung instance was killed in Task Manager